Readiness Tab in MassHunter Edit Method screen missing

I currently have 3 GCs (a 6890 and two 7890s) hooked up to a single computer all using MassHunter.  The 6890 aquisition station is missing the readiness tab under Method edit and runs the method before the oven and inlet are at their specified starting temperatures.  The 7890s have the readiness tab and work just fine.  Is there a toggle that I missed when setting up the 6890 to show this option, or does anyone know why the Readiness Tab isn't showing up for this instrument.

Thank you for any information.

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  • (I am working with cfarman on this issue.)

    : Thank you for your helpful responses on this question.  Does Agilent offer any sort of networking upgrade/retrofit to allow the older 6890A/6890+ GCs to interface with MassHunter for acquisition?  (The 6890A in question here currently has an HP JetDirect 400N/J4100A card installed.)

    If not, do you know the most recent series/version number of the ChemStation acquisition software that still supported communication with the 6890A GC?  Is that version compatible with Windows 10, or is only Windows 7 supported?

    Thanks again for your help.

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