Signal to Noise Calculations


Can someone walk me through how to use the signal-to-noise in Chemstation version: MSD Chemstation E.02.01.1177?

  • The Signal-to-Noise function is better to work with printer, since there are more information on the print out than on screen, virtual printer will also do the job, When you started the function there will be guidance at the bottom of the window, it will ask you to drag across the signal with you right mouse, be sure to make a just-enough drag that across the peak you wish to set as the signal. After you do this another guidance will ask you to drag across the noise, this should be very careful, since adequate noise should consist of more than 20 continuous points, you have to drag long enough to have more than 20 points, and if not, there will be no hints that you fail it, just to see there are less number for the noise. 

    You will manage to get there, Good Luck!  

  • Thank you for your feedback, but after i do these steps i get a message saying that Parameter 3 is wrong and that it cant access my printer, even though I checked and i can print other windows from the program perfectly fine.  I cant seem to figure this out.

  • Hi I moved your question to the Mass Spectrometry Software Forum for better visibility.  Thanks! 

  • Run a Signal-to-Noise Check

    1. Select Tools / Signal to Noise check.
    2. Select the file you wish to use for the check.
    3. Enter the ion. To use the TIC, enter 0.
    4. Click and drag the right mouse button over the signal region.
    5. Click and drag the right mouse button over the noise region. Be sure there is noise present in the
    region you select.
    6. The signal-to-noise check report will print.

    If still having an issue. We would advise you give you local Agilent Software Support office a call.

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