Masshunter 8.0 Quant Blanks not Printing in Reports


I am having trouble with my reports not printing data for compounds in which no peaks are integrated. I attached an example - there should be 8 compounds total but only 4 are printing (they are all displaying properly on the second page). I have sample/blanks that I do not anticipate ever having peaks, but I still need the complete data print outs.

Currently using Agile2 for the integrator, but will need to adjust the integration parameters to be more selective, which increases the problem. Report format was made in ReportBuilder.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The Gen_Samples_ISTD template has its table set up to report all compounds and includes an expression for placing the text 'ND' in the Final Conc. field for compounds that are not detected. The Gen_ResultsSummary_ISTD also has an example of this, but I think the sample based one would be closer to what you need. 

  • Thanks for your reply.

    Gen_Samples_ISTD is the base template I used to create my report. I just changed the expression to display '--' instead of 'ND' because of my reporting requirements. Additionally, I added data bindings to generate separate information for each of my qualifier ions (I use two per compound). I suspect the lack of qualifier peaks in my blanks may be the issue, but don't know how to get my report to be okay with there being no identified peaks there. I have the blanks set as Double Blanks and Ignore Peaks Not Found selected in my method.

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    If all the compounds are still shown when you use the original template then there may be an issue with how the qualifiers were added. Make certain you are not depending on those being present to keep a given target entry.

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