Installing MassHunter 10 on 7890B/5977B firmware issue


I am installing MassHunter 10 on a 7890B/5977B system coupled with a 7697A headspace. After installing the software and appropriate firmware updates, when I launch GCMS Acquisition MassHunter I get a few Alert messages on initialization:

Alert 1: Double check all GC/MS and Data System IP ans subnet addresses and subnet mask
Alert 2: D:\MassHunter\GCMS\1\METHODS\DEFAULT.M has no 7697METHOD.BIN.FILE; current sampler parameters retained
Alert 3: Expected --> 6.00.34, MSD = 6.00.30, /firmware/ = 6.00.34
On the bottom left of the screen a message reads: Ensure correct type of instrument is configured or firmware is downloaded

It seems as if the firmware for the MSD is not up to date. In the Agilent GC Firmware update tool, I don't see an option to select the 5977B system to update firmware. 

When I try to autotune, alert message appears: Tune action stopped: MSD Tune: MSD Fault 3: No Emmision Current. (I am not sure if this is related to the firmware configuration or not)

How do I update the firmware for the MSD?

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