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I'm using MassHunter Workstation version 10.0, SR 1, Build 10.0.384.1 and I am getting an early maintenance warning for disk usage being nearly full.  Neither HDD is close to being full so I am assuming it's an onboard disk for the 5977/8890?  How do we "empty" the drive, and how do we maintain this for the future?



  • Thanks ISH.  It appears the onboard disk is the one that is full.  I'm trying to back up the data before I delete it, but the only folder I have is DEMO, and it's quite small.  The data on the disk is around 12Gb.


  • https://community.agilent.com/knowledge/masshunter-portal/w/masshunter-knowledgebase/7685/out-of-memory-warning-on-masshunter

    And if you are getting out of memory warning then follow above link..

    And last, you can defragment computer..Like this you can remove temp file of computer..If you have any IT guy then can do defragment of computer easily...

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