I want to use the customtools in MS Chemstation so when I use customtools1 give me the ion of thc (371,473,488) and when I use customtools 2 give me the ions of heroin (369,327,310) so I want the code for macro file to make this?


  • thank you for answer

    I used this macro file

    NAME RteMethParms
      RTEINTPARMS 1, 5, 100, 1, 0.2, 0, 5, 100, 0, 0, 1, 0

    NAME LoadMiscParams
      LOCAL a$,b$,c$,d$
      QUALRPTOPT 0,1,0,0,"100",0
      QUALPARMS a$,b$,c$,80.000000,50.000000,2,0.000000,1,d$
      PCTRPTOPT 0,0,1,0,"100",1,0,""
      SPECTRAL_WINDOW = 0.9200100
      PCTSCWIN = 0.050000
      MZRANGE = -0.5600000:0.700000

    this macro file with any name example  test

    and i wrote in customtools1 this order

    macro "test.mac", go

    in this file mz range from -0.56 to 0.7

    after i pressed on custotools1 and going to EIC i found mz range changed to this value

    so i need the variables for ions or masses to put it in this file

    so i want to use customtools1 for ions of hashish

    and customtools2 for ions of tramadol and so on

    thank you

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