PC system requirements for MassHunter Version 10


What are the PC requirements for running MassHunter version 10?

See below of PC components (let me know if I missed anything):

Operating system:
Hard drive space:

Thank you

  • Hi

    Kindly go through above file.Hope, you will get answer..

  • Thank you! 

    I was wondering if there was a mistake regarding the RAM requirements. It says 16 GB is the minimum requirements. Should this be stated as the recommended? We got a new GC-MS/MS with a new PC and it has 8 GB of ram.

    What is the minimum?

  • In any PC, role of RAM is to speed up the computer process.

    Even so many times, IT Technicians are changing this when need.

    So as of now, when it's working smooth then no need to change RAM.

  • GCMS Bundled PC's ship with 8GB of RAM.

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