Any way to load a macro at startup of MSD Chemstation (instrument control)?

In Chemstation CDS, you can add the macros to \user.mac, and in MSD Chemstation, you can add macros to DAExtra.mac to load macros into the MSD DA at startup.  Is there an equivalent where I can add files I would like loaded at startup for the instrument control of MSD Chemstation?  Using version E.02.02.  The reason I want to do this is that I have a macro with arguments set to run after each run but upon restarting the software, it does not take the arguments in consideration the first time as the macro is not yet loaded into memory...

  • You can create a macro called icaddon.mac  and put it in the c:\msdchem\msexe folder. This is how to add menus to the top. Example of the macro below.

    Name New Menus

     Menunew "New Menu"

       menucmd "Example Macro...","examplemacro.mac",go

    remove New Menus


  • Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to work - at least not in this version.  If I create an icaddon.mac file under \MSExe, the macros that I put in there are not loaded into memory...  This is the kind of thing I'm hoping to find though.

  • It just adds this to the menu items at the top of the window.

  • Okay, so it does work and you can load side-macros without executing (outside of menu items), just into an executing dummy macro at the end - but the file icaddon.mac has to be located under the instrument folder, so like \msdchem\1\ - found through the attached document (pages 49 & 51).

    It's so beautiful!  Thanks!

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