change default installation path (Agilent MSD Chemstation Classic Data Analysis)


I am currently trying to install the Agilent MSD Chemstation Classic Data Analysis (G1701FA) program on a colleague's computer. Due to our rights concept in the company, I cannot install the program under C:\gcms\ because he then has no execution rights to start it. The program must be installed under C:\program files\.. or C:\program files (x86)\.  When I change the path in the installer, I get a warning that the program cannot be installed there because of the space between "Program Files" (see picture).  To work around this, I entered at the installation path C:\Progra~1\gcms\ and C:\Progra~2\gcms\ (for x86). Then the installation runs to the end, but the program is not installed correctly. No function can be started, the whole top menu bar is missing (File, Method, ..) and in the window header is written "Standalone Data Analysis".  My next try was to change the MSI installation file with the program Orca so that the verification for blanks in the installation path is skipped. Worked, but unfortunately the installation does not run to the end. For now I am clueless as to what else can be done.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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