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A day ago we had an Agilent 7890A installed with an Agilent 5975C mass spec for use in (eventually) doing some dioxin analysis in house. I'm just wondering if there is a manual specifically for using the Environmental Chemstation software (version E.02.02.1431) that I can print out so I can peruse through it on weekends. If there's a specifuic manual on the 5975C as well that may prove helpful some day.


  • Good Morning, 

    The environmental documentation is located in the help files. There is a familiarization guide that I have attached that will get you started.

  • Thanks a lot, my man. I'll read through this stuff. I'm new to the GCMS world and need all the help I can get. The instrument we have isn't hooked up to a printer (yet?) so I cannot print help files to read at home. I'll have to dig around and try to find out what things such as "tile" and "A+U" refer to. It's going to be some work.

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