Gen_Complete_ISTD gave two sets of Cal curve

The original data batch gave one set of Cal curve. But it will give two sets of Cal at the beginning. See attached. 190328 is the original batch. 190313 was using "open method from another batch (190328) and apply". But the Gen_Complete only gave one set Cal -190313 after we replace the Cal. This 2 sets of Cal Curve only occurred to the Gen_Complete_ISTD and Gen_Complete_ESTD. But all the calculation was right tho, and they are all using the 190313 Cal.


Is there anything that I should fix my batch or method? I tried with a few batches, and they are all the same. I'm using MH 10.0. What I did is basically: open method from another batch (190328) and apply, integrate, replace Cal, Quant, and then generate report.



  • HI ,

    In going back through old posts I found this one with no response. I thought we discussed this in another post, but I can't seem to find it. I realize it has been a while, but if you do still have questions about this let us know. Or if you found a solution and would like to share it that would be great as well. Thanks.

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