MassHunter Data Acauisition "Default Stream not configured"" error

The Instrument Configuration recognizes both an Agilent Qtof and a 35900E A/D box (and the respective IP addresses can be pinged successfully). However, when I start MassHunter Data Acquisition I get the following:
Message: Default stream not configured.
Stack Trace: at Agilent.MassSpectrometry.LCMSAcquisition.AgtVoyInstrConfig.AgtVoyInstrConfigRW.get_DefaultStreamId()
at Agilent.MassSpectrometry.LCMSAcquisition.AgtVoyWorklistPane.WorklistPaneControl.StreamIDHelper.GetCurrentStreamID()
Any suggestions of how to fix this? I suspect that it is related to the previous instrument configuration, which was the 6530 with a 1260 (and no 35900E) , but I cannot find any traces of that configuration anywhere, in fact I moved all the old XML and other files out of the Default folder, but the problem persists.

  • I should add that since I posted the above I uninstalled and reinstalled MassHunter Data Acquisition (I am running version B.06.01) to no avail. If in Instrument Configuration I select the Qtof only and no 35900E, then there's no problem, Data Acquisition starts just fine. And, of course, previously I had the Qtof configured with a 1260 HPLC, again with no problem. So the issue is clearly with the 35900E, even though Instrument Configuration detects it just fine and I can ping its IP address.

  • Hello ,

    Are you trying to configure only the 35900E and the QTOF? If so, based on the error message, that may be the issue and I suspect it is not possible. Acq errors that refer to 'stream' are generally referencing the LC, or sample stream. Unfortunately B.06.01 acq is fairly old at this point, and the 35900E is no longer supported in the latest revisions of LCMS Acq so I don't really have a way to test for this, but I believe you must have an LC configured in that version if you also want to use a 35900E.

    One workaround may be to simply connect and configure one LC module and see if that will allow acq to launch with the 35900E also configured. I don't believe it is actually looking for a 'valid' LC/sample stream. I think it just wants to see something configured as an LC. So if you have a module you can spare that has a LAN interface or a G1369x LAN card in it that may be enough to get it to work, or at least confirm that is the issue.

    Let us know what you find.

  • Bingo! Adding an HPLC to the Instrument Configuration (in my case just an Agilent isocratic pump) and the 35900E made the error go away and MassHunter Data Acquisition is starting with no problems. Thank you very much!

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