MassHunter QQQ, integrator did not find any peak only for qualifier


I am using Masshunter QQQ B07  acquisition software and processing the data with MassHunter 10.2.  None of qualifier peak can be find by integrator.  But in the spectra, the qualifier ion is there.The problem keep showing  even after upgrade the Acquisition version.  Please help me with this issue. Thanks

Parameter set up: integrator using Agile2 ( the same issue with other integrator)

  • Hello LFL,

    The first item to try to resolve the issue would be to create a new quantification method from a recently acquired data file. If a new method does not fix the issue, you may wish to proceed with the following.

    In the second image, the “no data points” could be an issue with the collision energy delta extraction. Insure that the collision energy delta is empty or null.

    There are also underlying indexed files which could be the issue, but I think that sort of operation might best be handled in an interactive phone call 1-800-227-9770.

    David Presser

  • Thanks David,

    There was no such issue when we used MassHunter B07 Quant. It only happens when we upgrade to Masshunter 10 and 10.2 as well. I have been trying upgrade acquisition software it does not work. Trying generate new method from MRM data file I could not work either.

    I can see all the qualifier ions using Masshunter Qualitative  and the spectra column at MassHunt Quant too. 

    The Collision Energy Delta is null.  I may call you when get chance.



  • I just wanted to follow-up to see if your question has been answered. If so, please come back to the post and click Verify Answer on the best response so it will make the solution more visible.  If you still need help, just let us know and we would be happy to continue working with you.

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