MassHunter 10.1 pdf Report Builder costomize the footer- Template Name

Dear all,

I have costomized a template for pdf reporting of a Quant Method. It is almost finished but we still need one information:

Since we plan to have various templates for the various kind of methods its important for us to show that the correct template is used for the respective method.

Therefore, I wolud like to embed the template name e.g. in the footer or header.

I have searched in the Localized Text but I can only find the "standard footer".  I have also search trough the various data bindings but I can not find the required information.

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance,


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  • Hi ,

    This is what I was able to find out. Create a Textbox in your footer and use the following expression

    list = ReportContext.TemplateFilePath.split( '\\')


    This will…

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