Creation of a standby acqusition method for deactivating binary pump and QQQ after batch injections.



It may be a simple and easy question for you but I'd like to clarify which way is more better than I understood. So I'd to have your hands.  How can I create a typical standby acquisition method after batch injections to stop flower rate for binary pump and to set standby mode for QQQ during overnight or weekend analysis. if you have a simple instruction, could you please share it with us?

Thank you.

  • Hello,


    There are three different ways that set up for your instrument to go into standby upon completion of your worklist.


    1) Create a standby method specifying the instrument parameters you wish to be loaded at the end of your worklist. Then add a no-injection line at the end of your worklist with this standby method selected in the Method column.This will load your standby method onto your system and it will remain the active method until a new method is loaded.


    2) There is an instrument standby script that you can insert at the end of your worklist to put the system on standby. To do this, right-click on the last line of your worklist and select the option for Insert Script...:


    In the resulting select script popup, select the SCP_InstrumentStandby script and click OK:

    This Instrument Standby script will then be executed at the end of your worklist.


    3) You can specify Post Analysis script that will be run at the end of the worklist in your Worklist Run Parameters. To do this, click on the Worklist Run Parameters option in the Worklist dropdown menu:


    In the Worklist Run Parameters, check the option for Post-Analysis in the Scripts section and select the SCP_InstrumentStandby script. This script will then be executed automatically at the end of your Worklist. It is also recommended specify the SCP_InstrumentStandby script as your Acquisition clean-up script, which will execute the standby script if an error occurs during acquisition.


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