Reducing QTOF data storage after collection


I'm running a 6545 QTOF in All Ions mode and had accidentally set the Profile data storage thresholds to 0. We've collected a rather large set of sample data like this. I was wondering if there is any way to reprocess these data files post-collection to reduce the files sizes, either by applying a threshold on the Profile data or changing the file to store only Centroid data?


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    I don't believe, currently, profile data can be re-thresholded.


    Be sure to backup datafiles  until you are confident with the operation of the software.


    You can delete the profile data (MSprofile.bin) and it seems to work OK as long as you do not try and access profile spectra data (spectra or chromatograms).  Try it for your data analysis workflow before permenantly deleting data.


    There is a utility to help accomplish the deletion of profile data in a more offical manner.  You should be able to find it at-




    Make sure you are happy with your centroid threshold or you can use the profile data to replace your centroid data.  Removal of profile data is two steps and a single file at a time.  See below


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