1290 Infinity II multisampler jammed/stuck during auto-referencing step after changing needle seat

We have an Agilent 1290 Infinity II with a multisampler and the instrument is connected to a mass spec. Last week while troubleshooting loss in signal, I noticed a leak in the autosampler. I determined that I needed to replace the needle seat. After replacing the needle seat (which seemed to go well), Lab Advisor automatically prompted me to do the auto-referencing. I was unaware that there could be no black sample tray or samples in the autosampler for this procedure to happen. So I tried to do the auto-referencing when the trays were still in the multisampler. Now it looks like the arm with the needle on it is stuck in the needle seat and won't move. Almost like the mechanism is jammed. Trying to reboot the instrument hasn't helped. Trying "sampler reset" has not worked. Lab Advisor won't go back into maintenance mode until the auto-referencing is complete.

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