Shutdown of 6546 QTOF for 3 days


We have a 6546 QTOF and are expecting a power shutdown for a maximum of 3 days during which time there will be an uninterrupted supply of nitrogen gas. What is the recommended shutdown procedure in this case?

Thank you 

  • Just Vent the Qtof in the normal manner. 
    After vent completes (rough pump starts) observe the rough vacuum reading until it reaches 760 Torr. At this point the system will have backfilled the Instrument manifold with dry nitrogen so it will pump down easier next time.

    At that point close the software use the shut down utility
    Either shortcut on Desktop or in Agilent Masshunter folder on desktop (go into acq Tools sub folder)
    This icon

    Run this when it tells you to, power of your QTOF on the power switch.
    It is always good to unplug from the mains outlet on the wall when powering down for any extended time (more than an hour) as some circuits are always powered, it is better they are not left on with out fans running and not subject to power supply that may come on and off during works.

    This procedure should allow your QTOF to pumpdown quickly and be ready to use after an overnight pumpdown when your power is back.

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