Communication Error - Aborted sequence

Hello everyone,

we have a LC/MSD iQ with OpenLab CDS. Recently it started aborting the sequence run. All the modules apart from the MS go offline for a short time and the run is interrupted. In the details I find the following error description: Aborted by: hardware error. abort reasons: communication error and then the list of the modules. After a short time it goes back to normal, but about 10 minutes after the sequence is started it happens again. Sometimes the instrument works uninterrupted for a while and the run is finished, but more often than not it aborts. I tried pinging and it is successful. When I was checking IP addresses of the modules in the Lab Advisor Software I noticed that the Pump module has the IP unlike all the others (default Could it be the source of the problem?

I am not sure where do I even begin. Would appreciate any suggestions.

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