6495B source cleaning procedure


I have set the temperatures to the minimum, but when I put the QQQ on standby, the temperatures rise again. If I open the spray chamber, I receive an error/fault message stating that the source is open. The gas continues to flow, and I cannot set it to zero. Is this expected?

I have consulted the resources from Agilent on how to clean the spray chamber, but they don't provide enough details, and I am not confident in how to do it.

Could you please refer me to a more detailed procedure or give me advice on how to clean the spray chamber?

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  •  What is your MassHunter Version and TQ firmware?

    For the most recent user documentation, please see the LC/MS User Documentation page on Agilent Community.

    Based on your question, it looks like you are seeking guidance on cleaning of the spray chamber. I have attached a screenshot of the latest TQ user guide below. Please see page 91 and 93 for detailed instructions through the link provided above. 

    In terms of your concerns around the temperature settings, it may be best to create a source cleaning method in which the temperatures and flows are lowered (as you mentioned). If you turn the TQ on, it will apply these set points. 

    The standby setpoints (when TQ goes to standby) are hardcoded and will be applied when you hit off in MH and these new set points will be applied. 

    My suggestion would be to create and load a source cleaning method (low temp setpoints). When the TQ is ready (source cleaning method set points reached), switch off the TQ (standby set points applied) and then open the source. 

    When you open the source, the TQ will go into error state and the main voltages will shut off (this is normal). At this point, the spray chamber and source may still be warm to touch but should be cooled as you applied low temperatures through the source cleaning method setpoints. 

    You may need to allow for additional cooling of the spray shield. 

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions. 

  • mipastor, thank you for answering.

    I did what you suggested and when I switched off the TQ (after loading the cleaning method) and opened the source, the temperatures started to rise again (the standby set points are applied, as you said).

    You mentioned that “At this point, the spray chamber and source may still be warm to touch but should be cooled as you applied low temperatures through the source cleaning method setpoints.” How can I apply the cleaning method at this stage? Should I leave the source open for cooling down? Another thing: Is there a way to stop the nitrogen flow, or it will keep on during the cleaning process?

    I’m using MH 10.1.67 and the G6495B firmware is A.00.08.112.

  • When you open the source, it will go into a red light fault mode and the heaters will be turned off. You cannot apply any method setpoints here. 

    I would recommend a few minutes for the source to cool as it is open before cleaning as a precaution in case it is still warm. 

    The gas control when the source is open is built into the firmware and is designed to assist with source cooling. This is intentional. It will remain on during your cleaning but may shut off after a certain timeframe. 

  • Perfect! This was very helpful, thank you!

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