One of the recent LCMS systems with MH12 doesn't have the 'TQ Resources' software installed. Where can I find it? Also, are the animated guides like what was found on 'Ultivo LC-TQ Resources' available for the MH12 (or MH12.1) systems

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I work with a company that helps labs start up (specifically for urine tox) to include training of lab personnel.  Because of this I see a lot of new LCMS installs that are mostly 1290 pumps with Ultivo MS.  Two recent installs were installed with MH12 (both have been updated to MH12.1).

We try to set them up with as many resources as possible and how to find more resources so they can grow into an independent lab.  One of the resources that we appreciate, and familiarize our clients that are using MH1.2, with is the Ultivo LC-TQ Resources software:

For MH12, on one system I found a similar software:

The other MH12.1 system that was recently installed doesn't have this software on the computer.  Where can I find it so they have the information this (or the previous version) provides?

Another question about the new TQ resources, it doesn't seem to have any of the Maintenance Guides the previous version had.  There's a lot of familiarization stuff, but I can't find actually guides on how to maintenance the instrument.  Does anyone have any information on the animated Maintenance Guides being available for the new MH12 systems?  These were incredibly helpful for training purposes, especially for those new to LC/MS or Ultivos and when troubleshooting is needed.

Any information to help with both of these questions would be greatly appreciated!



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    Update:  I haven't been able to find much information.  But did find this Agilent Information Center on one of the systems that has MH12 installed on it.  

    This has a lot of LCMS information that can be useful.  It's not animated maintenance guides but does provide the step by step of how to do different things like change the needle seat and needle assembly in similar ways that the Agilent Lab Advisor does. The arrows to go to different slides were not obvious enough for me to see the rest of the instructions:

    While this program will be useful for the LC maintenance and troubleshooting, it doesn't seem to include any information about MS maintenance.  I'm still looking for information about MS resources.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get the Ultivo LC-TQ Resources from MH1.2 on a MH12 system?  Also, the system that doesn't have the TQ Resources software also doesn't have the Agilent Information Center software installed.  How can these be added to this computer?

    Again, any help I can get will be greatly appreciated!

  •  , I am sorry you are having difficulty finding the appropriate LC/MS user documentation.

    You should be entitled to the LC/TQ resource apps via Subscribenet. You can download them there and install on your PC. You will find these resource apps under Product List > LC/MS MassHunter Software > LC/MS User Documentation and Resource Apps

    There you will see tabs for New Versions and Previous Versions. Under New Versions, You will see a LC/TQ Resource app that will contain the videos you are seeking. Alternatively, you may also download the Ultivo Resource App that you mentioned previously. Depending on your entitlement, you may only see specific products. 

    For the latest MH 12.0 or 12.1 User Documentation, please see the Agilent Community page below. 

     LC/MS User Documentation 

    For the latest up to date information regarding LC/TQ maintenance, please see the Maintenance section within the LC/TQ User Guide (MH 12.0/12.1). We are working on converting these to videos in the near future. 

    Please let me know if you have additional questions. 

  • Hello  !

    Thank you for replying to my thread!  I tried finding these downloads where you pointed me to, but I don't seem to have 'LC/MS User Documentation and Resource Apps' as an available option under 'LC/MS MassHunter Software'.  

    I'm not sure why these wouldn't be available within the entitlement agreement for this system.  I'll come back with more information if I can find any.  Thank you, again for your response though!



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