Q-TOF 6530A unstable signal intensity (waving, not nebulizer problem)

Hi, folks!

Suddenly, after about 3 years of shutdown and re-run, our Agilent Q-TOF 6530A has failed.
I have problems with signal stability, the signal intensities over time looks like "saw"/waving at all masses.

Here is a typical mass calibration (same with JetStream source):

The intensity of adjacent scans can differ up to three times, but the ratio of this "instability" is stable in time: somelike 2x, 1x, 2x, 1x, 2x, 1x.
I have tried to change nebulizers, ion sources, to clean ion transfer capillaries, change calibrant mixes, use syringe pump for calibration instead of CDS, and so on, but the problem still persists. Due to this, I can't even pass a mass calibration.
Diagnostics tool haven't reveal any problems, no errors, HV conditioning OK, Medusa OK.

Maybe someone has encountered this kind of problem? The MS has now become a piece of furniture.

Thanks for the replies!

p.s. the last "good" tune report is attached.

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