Failed to run acquisition & Failed to put instrument in standby mode

Greetings Agilent Community,

As with many of the errors I encounter with my system, these two happened after I foolishly left the lab to pursue a life outside the world of LCMS.

(1) From the instrument log, the first error read "Failed to run acquisition for [sample]." Upon inspection, I saw that the sample vial had been pierced and the data file was half the expected size. Not sure how to diagnose this.

(2) The second error is more worrisome. I had a script programmed to run in case of any sequence interruption. This script failed to execute following the above error. The instrument log reads "Failed to run acquisition clean-up script 'SCP_InstrumentStandby'. Error message is 'Failed to put instrument in Standby mode. Error message is 'Exception of type 'Agilent.LabDeviceToolkit.IO.InstrumentInvalidException' was thrown.' " Does anyone know what this means?

As always, thank you for your attention, insight, and guidance.


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