Agilent Column-ID Tag system into the Sciex OS software

Does anyone know how to implement the Agilent Column-ID Tag system into the Sciex OS software? I have several 1290 Infinity IIs attached to 6500+ and 7500s, would like to set up the column tracking but I can't see how within the Agilent integration of the new Sciex OS software. Is this possible?


    I don't know the Sciex software at all, but I assume that you can see some sort of instrument status display, showing all of the HPLC modules.  If you right click on the multicolumn thermostat, you should see an option to assign columns.  This is the place where you can select which column is in use and access the column tag information.  Don't miss the >> button that gives you access to more parameters.

    Hope this makes some sense!!


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