LCMS 6130 DC Quad Fault


I've been spending time getting my university's recently donated LCMS up and running, and I've been obtaining good results. This morning, however, the LCMS has been throwing errors every few minutes that's disrupting runs and ability to auto tune, and interrupts diagnostic tests, some of which are failing.

I get both "Difficulty with ion optics electronics[0200]" and "DC Quad Fault [0209]."

I have experience with opening up 5975/5977 sources and cleaning the optics, but I don't have any LCMSD maintenance experience. Because this is a donated instrument, we have no idea of its maintenance history. I was reading in the ChemStation help topics that cleaning the capillary could help resolve proper voltages. Can I clean the capillary without venting? Can I open the round front chamber on the MSD without venting?

Any ideas where to start?


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  • The frequency was at 998500, I was able to run the adjustment, but there was no adjustment to the frequency, and it didn't resolve the quad faults.

  • The RF drive level is shown as ~95%. Since your RF drive is close to the max of 100%, it may be drifting a bit and causing the failure when scanning up to 3000 during the autotune or acquisition. When any electronic component of the Quad circuit is replaced, the Quad frequency requires adjustment, and the RF drive level usually requires adjustment also. If the RF drive cannot be adjusted to a lower value, then the RFPA will also require replacement. The RF drive adjustment can be performed by an Agilent service engineer. 

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