6460 QQQ 'heater sensor open' error

Hello everyone

The 6460 had been switched off for a while, then pumped down overnight. I was going to perform tuning/checkout etc and increased

the nebulizer pressure a bit. This resulted in an error something like gas controller being not able to maintain flow. Ok, this had happened before,

so I reduced the pressure but following this I got a permanent error 'heater sensor open' and the sheath gas temp reading stuck at 509 C. When connecting via telnet,

I get repeating error messages:

clearIonFunnelFault() : Fault clear already pending

clear3QFault(): clear status registers

MSE_WRITE(): address = 1024, value = 4294967295.

MSE_WRITE(): address = 1025, value = 4294967295.

MSE_WRITE(): address = 1536, value = 4294967295.

MSE_WRITE(): address = 1537, value = 4294967295.

received eQQQFaultStatus atom...

isFaultCleared(): status1=0x800000, status2=0x0, status3=0x0, status4=0x0, FWError=0x0.

I probed the "Vaporizer" connector pins of the source and found the resistance for pins A and C to be about 150 Ohm which COULD be related to the resistive thermocouple, but it could be something else, as I don't know the pin layout...

Just in case. If I switch the source to APCI and connect to MSD via telnet I get the same repeating errors as above, when I change the source type in Masshunter the error is cleared. When I put back the AJS, the problem comes back as well.

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