Turbo power supply, Pfeiffer split-flow turbo, +48 VDC no power

Hi, we have an issue where our Turbo power supply, Pfeiffer split-flow turbo, +48 VDC (G1960-60648) doesn't appear to be working.  We checked the voltage entering the power supply and it is reading accurately at ~207 volts.  When plugged into the power supply we were expecting that the Power Supply On light would at least illuminate.  Is this a correct assumption?  Would we get at least this one LED if the unit was not broken as long as it has power?  We plugged it into the wall directly with 240V and still get no illuminated LEDs.  Is this enough to safely assume the power supply is bad?  Looking at the side vents you can see an internal led light illuminated green.  We checked the fuse inside the power supply and it is good, any advice is appreciated.

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  • Hi ,

    I have same issue with Agilent 6460 that the turbo pump 1 speed is fluctuating between 1% to 38 %

    The vacuum of the rough pump is good 1.6 E+o Torr
    The green LED at the turbo 1 power supply isn’t turning on .
    I measured the input for the power turbo 1 supply and it is 230 volt AC also i measured the output looks 48 volt DC
    i checked The Turbo pump 1  visually and it looks spinning
    I replaced the power supply for turbo pump 1 and still not getting green light and still having same issue.
    Please Advise
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