Turbo Fan locked


Yesterday my LCMS system experienced the same error four times. The error sequence begins with the following:

MSQQQRC_1: Enter error/fault state: Turbo Fan locked (Not Supported)

Subsequently, my binary pump, multisampler, and column chamber all enter error states and shut down (EE 63, 0). After a minute or so the QQQ error clears, but the other modules remain in an error state. I can clear the error on the LC by power cycling the modules, but I am still very concerned why this is "error" is occurring at all.

Any insight on this issue would be appreciated. Thank you!

System Information

G7120A Binary Pump

G7167B Multisampler

G7116B Column Chamber

Ultivo 6465B

  • Greetings,

    My Ultivo continues to experience the same error, and now persists in this error state. I have been unable to clear or resolve the error state.

    I have tried closing the acquisition software, closing engines, powering down the PC, powering down LC modules, and power cycling the Ultivo. I power cycled the Ultivo three times (turn off, wait 5 seconds, turn on). Each time, the Ultivo loads for ~1 minute and then returns to the error state. The error persists after powering on the LC modules, PC, and software.

    I have reached out to Agilent for service.

  • Hi Mdeigan,

    Sorry you are having an issue this problem is that the main fan is spinning but the turbo blower fan was not spinning. You will need onsite to replace the turbo blower fan.


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