Communication problem with the MS 6545 QTOF

A few days ago, the MH Workstation Acquisition 11.0 was installed by an Agilent technician. Subsequently, we changed the D drive because it was failing. On the eve of installing the new D drive, there was a power cut which caused the QTOF (which was on standby) to shut down suddenly. I should also point out that it's on UPS. After installing disk D, we opened Workstation acquisition and unfortunately the QTOF module did not appear, unlike the LC modules. We pinged and there was no loss of transmission. However, when we tried to shutdown the smart card by pinning, it managed to do so. But for the QTOF configuration, it doesn't work.
Has anyone had the same problem?
Is the smart card damaged even if you manage to send it a shutdown command?
Finally, I wonder whether it might be necessary to reinstall the MH software, given that disk D has been replaced, even though the installation is done on disk C of the computer.

Thank you in advance for all your suggestions and answers.


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