anyone willing to share an instrument maintenance log template?

Hello Agilent Users,

I'm working with a colleague that has an Agilent Ultivo. I'm looking for an example maintenance log that they could use at her facility to guide daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance. 

Thank you in advance for any help!


  • Hi Fred,

    Are you looking more for a template for the structure of a log, or a list of tasks that could be used to make a log? I have a list of maintenance tasks for an Agilent 6545 based on training notes from our instrument installation. Not sure if those are relevant for an Ultivo, but I could copy and paste the list if you're interested.

    In terms of things that we actually log, we mostly only do daily logs with checklists for operational procedures, plus sections for instrument readings, what samples were run, and method/worklist files. We use a PowerPoint file to note maintenance/troubleshooting, but it's mostly for future reference and not for task reminders (which is probably why we fall behind on the more infrequent maintenance tasks ourselves).


  • Hello Stacey,

    Thanks for the reply. I was able to get some specific information from Agilent regarding a poster presented on the Ultivo. That was sufficient to bridge the gap for what I was looking to provide. Most maintenance logs I've used in the past had acceptable ranges for specific parameters monitored as well as yes/no types of check boxes. But some of these are typically specific to the instrument make/model and can vary to some degree to be entirely useful. I was curious if there was a "best practices" for the Ultivo out there on what to monitor. My use of an Ultivo was only in R&D previously and unfortunately it was never transferred into the lab for testing so I never experienced what regular maintenance was required. I appreciate your willingness to help.


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