How can I identify peaks with Library search in Compound discovery in Masshunter with low res ESI mass spec?


Can anyone please help me out with Qualitative Analysis 10 MassHunter software from Agilent so we can identify compounds in Compound Discovery mode to find compounds in a spectra using a database we are making ?

In compound discovery mode, if I put for example for it to find by integration, it finds the peaks Im interested in and prints the report with the spectra but does not identify them based on the .csv file im selecting for it to use as a database to identify the peaks. Is it because this doesnt work with low res mass spec ? Or what am I missing? I am adding the retention time and the mass to the CSV file I added, and I´ve tried adding the mass or the M+H and it still doesnt find it. Im wondering if it has to do with it being a low res mass spec or if there is anything else I need to do?

Thank you very much

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