Source optimizer- Getting optimal values for the iFunnel voltages

I am using MassHunter Workstation Source optimizer version 10.1 build 10.1.67 to optimze source parameters for LC-MS/MS 6495C TQ.

After optimizing iFunnel voltages, I am finding it difficult to get the optimal values. 

I have tried plotting the graphs as guided by the 6495C best practices guide ( and the data does not seem to fit this approach. I have also tried drawing surface response maps using Excel data using RF voltages as the X and Z axis and the abundance on the Y axis. Nothing seems to be able to allow me to select optimal values.

Other parameters (SGT, SGF, DGT, DGF, Capillary, nebulizer, nozzle voltage) are giving 2D data that is easy to visualise and identify optimal values.

What is the best way to visualise and select the optimal values?

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