THCA-D3 on a 6490 LCMS

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I am trying to run Delta9-THCA-D3 on an agilent 6490A system. I have been getting low responses for this analyte running in negative mode, It was suggested to me to optimize the source conditions to reduce the carboxylation of the THCA to THC-D3. Is this possible on this system. We are running other cannabinoids on the system and they seem to be working well.  If anybody could give me some advice that would be appreciated.  Thanks

  • i searched for it on web , i see most publishes extract it directly with derivatization (except GC MS for sure)

    make sure you are using this parameters

    Mphs :formic acid 0.1% water : Formic acid 0.1% Acetonitrile

    column C18 High resolution ( eclipse plus 3.5 um or less )

    start with High buffer to elute the matrix first , then increase organic slightly in gradient to elute your analyte

    do not increase the organic rapidly to avoid ghost peaks

    MS1  360.3  MS2 316.4 CE 34 volt


    MS1  360.3  MS2 248.3 CE 44 volt

    you may need to adjust them , you may need to adjust the pH of Mphs


    i wish this may help , good luck

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