PC Boot Errors on G6545 QTOF


I have a G6545 QTOF / 1260 HPLC system that came with an HP Z440 workstation with Windows 10 as part of the purchase from Agilent. The workstation is ~ 3 years old. The instrument was running normally over the weekend -- when I came back, the status lights on the instrument were all yellow (I assume it completed the run and went into automatic standby as was set up in the Worklist), but the PC was showing a boot error (i.e. it is stuck on the HP start screen, and does not proceed to start Windows). The HP diagnostics pages are showing these errors:

Intel RSTe sSATA Driver

RAID Volumes: Volume 0, RAID10(RAID0+1), 884.9GB, Failed (Bootable: NO)

--> Port 0, ST500DM002-1SB10A, 465.7GB -- Status: RAID Member
--> Port 1, ST500DM002-1SB10A, 465.7GB -- Status: RAID Member
--> Port 2, ST500DM002-1SB10A, 465.7GB -- Status: Error Occurred
--> Port 3, ST500DM002-1SB10A, 465.7GB -- Status: Error Occurred

I've tried powering down / unplugging the PC and reconnecting the physical cables to the 4 hard drives, but the statuses didn't change. Our IT support here also took a look at the issue but didn't want to attempt any repairs since we aren't sure how the RAID was set up for the mirroring, or which drives the operating system was installed on. 

I was wondering if we can get those pieces of information (or any other relevant info) about the RAID setup? My preference would be to repair the boot error (if the HDs are not actually dead) without disrupting the data, software installations, etc. If that isn't possible, I would like to replace any faulty hardware on the PC but retain as much of the current setup that can be salvaged and configure the drives the same way as in the original installation.

[edit] I've found this Intel post that seems similar, although I am not sure: https://community.intel.com/t5/Rapid-Storage-Technology/Intel-Raid-10-Failed-2-out-of-4-drives-became-non-members-of/td-p/543422

In the case that we need to redo the whole workstation setup, I have the "Agilent 6500 Series Q-TOF LC/MS Installation Guide" (G1960-90133) on hand that states "If MassHunter Workstation software installation is needed, refer to the
MassHunter Workstation Software Installation Quick Start Guide." I'm not sure where to find this software installation guide, so if that document can be shared, that would be greatly appreciated -- thanks!

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