Calculation of Cycle Time in "Product Ion" mode for 6460c (MassHunter v10)

I want to try something in "Product Ion" mode of our QQQ, but I need to know how exactly 6460c calculates "scan cycle time" (i.e. the "ms/cycle" shown down left in QQQ-Aquisition Panel of Method Editor). I guess this is dependent on scan range, step size, resolution, Scan Time, number of Scan segments etc. I tried to empirically find the relation connecting "scan cycle time" with the aforementioned parameters, but it seems I am missing something.

In the following table, you can see that the "Cycle Time" do increase with "Scan time", but in a non-linear way (A gradual increase of Cycle Time is observed when Scan Times is higher than 100μs, but it remains constant for Scan Times of 5 to 100μs). This "turning point" of 100μs is not the same for all cases and it seems to be dependent on the number of MS points to be scanned (e.g. the gradual increase of Cycle Time starts at 20μs of Scan Time when 2500 MS points are to be scanned). I would appreciate any information on this aspect.


Thank you in advance for your help.

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