6460 QqQ vacuum system error

6460 QqQ vacuum system shutdown during standby or running mode. The vacuum system shutdowns abruptly and i have not been able to detect the cause. I suspect the high vacuum (turbo pumps) stops working causing the rough pump to also shutdown. Please help me with the probable cause and the remedy.

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  • Thank you very much, Harry.

    The error described has occurred on different occasions and has caused my lab to replace two (2) MS40+ rough pumps in two years. The last pump was replaced on Jan 1, 2020 and developed same fault again on June 16, 2020.It’s very difficult to know the exact problem as two different pumps has developed same fault in two years.

    Kindly help please.



    Joel Cox M.B.(Principal Research Officer)

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  • Check your rough pump fan. Probably it is faulty.

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