Skimmer V for 6546 QTOF


Our lab currently has a 6546 QTOF. I recently watched an Agilent webinar about tuning QTOF's and they mentioned that the skimmer voltage for the 6545, 6546, and 6545XT should be 45V versus 65V for other systems while tuning. Does anyone know why this is the correct voltage? All our methods currently use 65V as the setting. Will tuning the system at 45V but running all our acquisition methods at 65V have a negative impact on the data? And should we be running at 45V instead? 

Thanks. -KB

  • With the Introduction of the 6545, 6545XT and the 6546 QTOF the skimmer voltages were changed as you can see in the tune files.  Since MassHunter QTOF AQ software is used for all the QTOF  and TOF products the default method isn't specific to a particular QTOF.  So the defaults values were kept at 65V but users should manually change those voltages when using the newere systems. 

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