QQQ error code

Hi all. Please help I am getting this fault 
MSQQQ_1 QqQ fault detected 5.6 nebulizer % drive is out of range. Line may be plugged or gas is leaking. Anyone seen this before?
  • Check that the gas supply pressure is between 80 to 100 psi at instrument side. When was the last time the nitrogen filter was replaced.

    Check tune calibrant flow to Nebulizer averages 6-8 seconds per drop. 

    Check Nebulizer for leaks, obstructions, or poor flow/needle alignment.  The spray should be a a nice cone shape.

    You can sonicate the nebulizer in a 10 ml graduated cylinder filled with methanol

    Replace and adjust Nebulizer needle.  When was the needle last replaced?

    It could be something a little more involved and you may want to contact your local service center.

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