Error: needle wash (6410 LC triple quad with 1100 LC)

We are using the 6410 LC triple quad with 1100 series. 

When we start a worklist containing multiple samples (without needle wash), the analysis works well without error.

But the issue arises when we use the "injection with needle wash" option.

When we starts the worklist, the autosampler arm grabs the sample and places the sample vial below the injection needle and the sample is well drawn.

Then, the autosampler arm grabs the washing vial, but the error occurs: the autosampler arm drops the washing vial and the worklist is stopped.

The same problem occurs when we place the washing vials in different locations.

Could you please advise us on how to resolve this problem?

Thank you for your help.

  • i had faced this troubleshooting before

    it is probably a software problem.

    first close masshunter and double click ( remove masshunter process)

    open the soft again and try to create another method with same parameters it should work

    also try to change the data path location


    if no thing works restart the PC and LC,  i hope this works


    if every thing failed try to update your firmware and your software of reinstall them maybe somethingis corrupted

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