Quadrupol checktune

Hello everyone

I work with a Q-TOF 6530 and I have a question about the tuning of the quadrupoles. 

Once per year we run a standard tune of the quadrupoles and we never use the checktune. Is it enough to just do the tuning (standard tune) once per year or it would be better to do it more often, like for the TOF?

Many thanks in advance 


  • Hi Lisa, 

    In my experience, the quads and Lens1&2 don't drift much (except on the 6550...). I think it's down to your use case. When you do a TOF-only tune, you're still technically tuning the quads for transmission just not isolation windows. 

    When I used to run proteomics/peptides and would use the narrow isolation mode, I would tune every 2-3 weeks and see some minor drift. 

    Nowadays, I don't use MS2 a ton so I run them once every 3 months or so just to make sure they're still working :)

  • Hello Lisa.

    I prefer to do check tune after 6 months from the the last tune or when you find any mass shift, if the check tune is good so no need for re tune the instrument other wise you must do re tune to get accurate results 

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