Bottleneck on LAN Connection

Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum, but hopefully someone can help me with my problem. During analysis and tuning, we always get a warning and/or error message, that there is a bottleneck on the Lan connection. Unfortunately, we were not able to fix this issue. We tried everything, from replacing all cables, replacing the switch and even replacing the network card of the computer. I hope, that maybe another user in this forum encountered a similar problem. Strangely, running measurements works most of the time. Sometimes though, the instrument has problems to do certain things, like change the valve from waste to MS. It seems to me like the command is not going to the MS, because it happened, that the valve just switched randomly at some point of the analysis (for example, if I set the timepoint for changing the valve position to 0.5 min, it changed it jumped randomly in the range from 0.5 min to 2 min with each injection).

I attached a picture of the error message and the logbook to this post.

Our Instrument Setup:

Acquisition Software: MassHunter Workstation Version B.08.00

Q-ToF: G6540B, Firmware Version 16.698


Multisampler: G7167B, Firmware Version D.07.25[0013]

Binary Pump: G4220, Firmware Version B.07.25[0013]

Column Comp.: G1316C, Firmware Version A.07.02[001]

DAD: G4212A, Firmware Version B07.25[0013]

I am looking forward to your suggestions.

Thank you and all the best


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