Agilent 6545 Tuning Issue

I am having an issue tuning our 6545 QTOF. The system was idle for a long period of time (~10 months), and I just recently pumped it back down and performed the HV conditioning when it was ~6e-7. I decided to run an initial tune after the HV conditioning, and I am getting very wide peaks when infusing my calibrant solution (please see image below). I've tried changing my capillary and tuning solution (separate fresh bottle from a different LOT), and I am still running into the same issue. When looking at the diagnostics, I do see that the mid mirror voltage is quite high and out of specification; however, the HV conditioning completed without any issues, and I ran this twice (once for 13 hours then again at 8). I wanted to reach out to the community to see if there are any simple fixes or tricks I can do to before scheduling a repair. Thank you.

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