LC/QTOF 6546 Cannot Connect

Good afternoon, 

I are having trouble connecting to our 6545 QTOF. Our LC is the 1260 infinity II. I am able to start MassHunter Acquisition but it is not registering that it is connected to the machine. It won't turn the QTOF on/off. The other commands work (Binary Pump, MultiSampler, column etc.). On the Actuals pane for QTOF Run State: it remains "Offline and no other values are available. 

 I am able to ping with no packet loss. However when I ping no packets get through.

I am not able to powercycle. It gives me the error message that the smartcard IP address is unreachable. I have tried swapping the cables that go from the Switch to the LC and QTOF. There was no change. I have shut down and restarted my computer. The QTOF itself is blinking red. 


Any suggestions about what I can do would be greatly appreciated. We have a service/maintenance visit scheduled for next month but I wanted to reach out and see if there is anything else I can try. 

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