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i am working with agilent Lc ms ms (6470 series). i´m running the ms2 scan mode for global metabolic profiling of  cultured bacteria. i´m not sure whether the procedure is good to get useful information and i need your help.

  • , an MS2 scan will analyze whichever ions are present in the gas phase in your sample. The user will need to specify certain parameter such as the scan range (m/z range) and scan time. 

    MS2 scan is usually a good place to start if you do not know which ions are present in your sample. You may observe several species in the MS2 scan and can later perform more quantitative studies through an MRM method. 

    I hope this helps. 

  • many thanks  Mipastor, 

    you provide me excellent information. 

    yes I´m going for global profiling and have no idea of particular ion present. i started with 1 hr and 30 minutes  time later optimized 0.45 hr. still i need addition information how to obtain ms ms spectra (exporting) data since i´´m experiencing little problem. i managed to get TIC data only. if find some i can send u few rows of it. 

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