'Switch Stream' menu inaccessible in Openlabs CDS Chemstation C.1.10 (287)

Hi, I've got an issue with the 'Switch Stream' menu for my 6130 single quad MS in the Openlabs CDS Chemstation C.1.10 (287) software. In an older version of Chemstation I was able to open the 'Switch stream' menu, being able to switch stream into the ion source or back to waste. When I try to open that menu in my current software version, an error at the bottom of the screen in displayed: 'CPGui: invalid path C:\Program Files (x86)\Agilent Technologies\Chemstation\MS\language\hlmsam00.eng'. Does anybody know how to fix this issue, and/or are there any commands for the command line that achieve the same functionality as what can be found in the 'switch stream' menu? Thanks!

  • I've seen this before.  It appears to happen when OpenLab Chemstation is installed on an incorrectly configured computer (typically language settings, I seem to remember).  Running the system prep tool before installation should have configured the computer correctly before installing the software.  I don't know any way to fix it, other than uninstall and reinstall, making sure that the system is correctly configured using the system prep tool.


  • Hi Andy, thanks a lot for your answer! I performed the installation of Openlab myself and I do remember running the system prep tool.

    I did manage to get this issue somewhat resolved: I found a file called 'hlmsam00.jpn', which I copied and renamed to 'hlmsam00.eng'. Now the switch stream menu does pop up, but it is in Japanese! After some translation/comparing to the menu on another machine I am now able to switch the stream again! Slight smile

  • Your solution was exactly what I did to keep me going until I could find time to do the reinstallation.


  • Is there a hlmsam00.enu file? If so this one should give you English (US) if you copy and rename it. I haven’t tested this myself!

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