Not Ready: Wait remote - LC-QqQ

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We are having an issue with our LC-QqQ (1260 Infinity II / 6470 triple Quad / MassHunter Software). After starting a sequence, the first sample is injected; however, most of the time, after the first injection, the multisampler module goes to "Not Ready: Wait remote" state and does not change the status after that.


We have read about it in some posts, and we realized that the remote cable can be the issue. Our remote cable is connected in the the multisampler and the QqQ. So, what we did was to connect this cable to the pump and the QqQ, and after that we got the same problem, "Not Ready: Wait remote", this time in the pump.


We also disconnect the cable from the LC and leave connect it to the MS, but obviously the starting signal was not sent to the QqQ.


Any recommendation?


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