6340 Ion Trap (G2449) LCMS Communication Problem

Hello. We have a 6340 ion trap (G2499A) LCMS which was working great. Recently we've had some intermittent communication dropouts where the PC computer could no longer communicate with the trap, yet still communicate with the LC. Usually the problem would disappear after restarting the trap. However, communication between the PC and trap is now completely lost, but PC and LC communication is fine. On the top of the communication board (or "smart card") on the trap are two lights a green RUN and a yellow BUSY. When working properly the green RUN light remains on while the yellow BUSY is constantly flashing. Currently, only the green RUN light is on, but the BUSY yellow remains off. Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas would be deeply appreciated!

  • Hi

    You can reconfigure then check..

    Change cable.

    And if still problem persist then call to your local agilent support to check it onsite...

  • Thanks for the suggestion. We did change cables, disconnect and reconnect cables, but nothing worked. The ethernet lights are all flashing normally. We are suspecting that the "smart card" may have gone bad. We contacted Agilent tech support, and they felt the same. Unfortunately, these boards are no longer made to test or replace, so I'm hoping that someone may have another possible solution.

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