TOF turn on error after re-installation of the data acquisition software (6230)


We've re-installed the data acquisition software after changing the computer.

TOF was successfully connected to computer with the diagnostic tool, and we opened the acquisition software.

But we see now the TOF turn on error.

When we move to the tune page, TOF error was disappeared and tune was succeeded. But when we go back to the acquisition page, TOF turn on error was appeared again.

Is this issue due to the software error? Can you give us solutions to resolve this issue?

Thank you in advance.

  • When starting the acquisition software, check the data collection method that loads automatically - does it have a different source selected than what is on the system?  Select a known good method, then exit and re-start software.  Does it now not show the error?  If it still does, close acquisition, start Diagnostics and monitor Diagnostics error reporting when the acquisition software is started.  What error does Diag report?

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