AJS ESI Sheath gas flow in standby mode

Hi there,

I have noticed that when we start pumping down our 6460 QQQ, the system originally remains in standby mode where sheath gas flow is 0L/min and sheath gas temp is 29oC, while drying gas flow and temperature are set to 3L/min and 300 oC, respectively (see screenshot below).

After turning the system to "Run mode" for the first time and then back to standby, sheath gas flow and temperature are then set to 3 L/min and 125 oC (by default), respectively. So, it seems that the two standby conditions for sheath gas are equivalent for Agilent.

Is there any way to set sheath gas flow to 0 L/min and sheath gas temp to 29oC as default settings for Standby mode? Besides saving some N2 gas, the noise from N2 generator (PEAKS with internal compressors!) will be reduced as it will switch on the noisy compressors less frequently. Any suggestions?

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