Valve switching issue on G7116B MCT using timetable

I am running MassHunter B.09.00 SP1 with an LC TOF and am having issues with switching the 5067-4241 valve from position 1 to 2 using timetable for G7116B MCT. I can switch manually with no problem. I have firmware C.07.21 on MCT and it is connected, via CAN, to a G7120A with B.07.23 firmware. Every other module has firmware of the same set (G1312B, G1367E, G7117A, G1311A). I found that if I downgraded the firmware of C.07.20 on MCT and B.07.20 of G7120A I can get the valve to switch using the timetable. However, now I have the instrument shutting down randomly with a message "Analysis aborted by another module" but there is no core error message that set this event off, even in Lab Advisor. Any suggestions? Am I dealing with a firmware bug?

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